Functional Movement

6 Week Functional Movement Program

We are currently offering a 6 week “​Functional​ ​Movement​” program at Ocala’s premier CrossFit gym!

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What makes this program different?..

This program is based off a training system that prioritizes quality of movement​ over intensity​! We use this ​controlled ​method of movement to help athletes and non athletes alike fulfill their function!

What is the focus of this program?..

Every person’s function varies from person to person. Our program will provide the necessary foundation of strength which allows any person regardless of goals to fulfill their function. Furthermore, skills like ​speed, agility, mobility, gymnastics, balance and coordination​ will be addressed in perfect harmony within this program design.

What do I need for this 6 week program?

The only thing you need is a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and consistency to the scheduled times. We handle everything else for you!

This program is 3 days per week and will be held on ​Mon​ - ​Wed​ - ​Fri​ at 6pm at CrossFit Pinnacle.

What’s Included?

- 6 weeks of coach-led fitness classes 3 days per week
- Before & After weigh-in and body measurements
- Unlimited support from the program director via email, text & phone


The price for the 6 weeks is $250.00. That equates to $13.00 per class for the 6 weeks. We feel that this price is an absolute STEAL!! For $13.00, you will receive hands on instruction for 1 hour with our knowledgeable coaches, gain a better understanding of the human anatomy, learn how to treat the common mobility issue such as overhead mobility, squat mobility, ankle mobility, hamstring tightness, and lack of thoracic extension to name a few. Most importantly you will leave out of our gym with a huge smile and a feeling of accomplishment!

It’s time to try something new, put in some work and succeed! EDUCATE ​MOTIVATE. ​SUPPORT. ​In a place that provides:

Safety. Fun. Results.

We are conveniently located at 7175 S. Pine Ave Ocala, FL 34480 Give us a call at 352-509-4987 to get started!