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Feature Athlete (Melissa Bray)

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Our featured athlete for the month of February is Melissa Bray!

Her dedication is absolutely outstanding. She has been coming to CrossFit Pinnacle since October (4 months) and has committed herself to coming in 5 days per week, but not only that… she manages to make those 5 days at 6am!! Her willingness to learn and her drive to better herself is an inspiration to other members and the coaches here at Pinnacle.

When Melissa first came into Pinnacle I put her through an assessment and one of the tests was a plank hold. She struggled to hold the position for the prescribed time. Now she can not only hold a plank but can OWN it! She has broken over 10 personal records with her strength movements just in the past few weeks! Her ability to adapt and overcome obstacles is truly a feat to watch.  Melissa’s mindset sets the pace for her everyday victories. She is not afraid to go heavy and she is not afraid to fail. If she does fail at something she takes it as a learning experience and goes after it that much harder next time.

As previously mentioned she has been CrossFitting for only 4 months now and she just signed up for the CrossFit Open! We can’t wait to see how all your hard work and dedication has paid off in the Open.

Thank you for being such a inspiring force and a believer in working hard and staying consistent.