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Featured Athlete (May 2019)

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CONGRATULATIONS Bobbi Crowder for making CrossFit Pinnacles “Featured Athlete” for the month of May.

Bobbi Crowder is the oldest member of the CFP community but don’t be fooled by her senior ranking; she has the determination, desire and fire of a 20 year old 🔥.

Bobbi doesn’t shy away from a challenge instead she internalizes it and embraces the challenge. She implements the CFP motto by accepting to face the challenge head on. – “I wonder if she says “challenge accepted” in her head?” 🤷‍♂️.

Bobbi has the reciepe for long term sustainable success here at CFP. She is extremely coachable and loves to learn, she most always has a question (that’s a good thing) and she shows up on a cosistent bases.

We were just recently informed that Bobbi… a female over the age of 70 actually GREW one whole INCH!! I was blown away when I heard this. This is a testamentof the top tier programming here at CrossFit Pinnacle.

The general public lacks “Core” strength and we here at CrossFit Pinnacle understand what “Core to Extremidy” means and we focus on it relentlessly. Our concept of “Core” work is FAR different than what you might think.

Our “Core” work focuses on much much more than getting a “6 pack” through crunches, sit-ups or even kipping TTB. With our “Core” work you are exposed to tempo, stability, control, endurance, strength and more.

Because we understand the human anatomy & physiology of the body and how to utilize it within our program design we were able to give Bobbi an extra inch of life to enjoy!

We asked our Featured Athlete a series of questions to get to know her a little bit better. Here is what she had to say.

1.) How long have you been CrossFitting? It will be 2 years this month! 

2.)What was your driving factor for starting CrossFit? To watch my grandboys grow into men..

3.) What changes will you make in 2019? None.. just continue on with my CrossFit journey by increasing everything to the best of my ability…

4.) What has been your biggest challenge you have had to face since joining CrossFit Pinnacle? Learning to run.. I have never been a runner. Still not a runner!

5.) What is your favorite WOD or movement? Deadlifts

6.) What is your least favorite WOD or movement? Burpees! I do my own “Bobbi Burpees!”

7.) Why CrossFit Pinnacle? I knew someone who recommended CrossFit Pinnacle. I also have a lot of family who belong to CrossFit in other areas of the country. 

8.) What advice would you give to to others just starting out in CrossFit? Do it to the best of your ability…! Everyday you put off is one more day you have to make up..


Zodiac Sign- Scorpio 

Lucky Number- 13. (Definitley not Bert’s 30!)

Endurance WOD or Strength WOD- Both. Each has its own benefit.

AMRAP or For Time- Time! Not a fan of AMRAPS


I love CrossFit but more importantly I love our CrossFit family and coaches… Everyday I look forward to being at CrossFit Pinnacle.