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Our featured athlete of the month is Graciela Guerrero! We call her Gracie for short. The photos you see above is complete 1 MONTH transition! What a difference yeah??… When Gracie came to us in December she was in a lot of pain. She had severe neck pain which radiated into her shoulders along with severe sciatica pain that would limit her daily activities. Because of this pain she was limited through her range of motion and it affected her function.

Gracie is a absolute trooper. She had committed herself to coming to CrossFit at least 4 days per week sometimes even 5 days along with our Saturday workouts. We are impressed with her dedication and it fuels our motivation as coaches. The best part about Gracie is that she just never quits. I personally don’t think it’s in her DNA. With a focus on nutrition she has felt and looked her best and her performance and strength has soared! We are looking forward to seeing how much more progress this amazing athlete can make.


How long have you been a CrossFit Athlete?
New to CrossFit since mid December 2018

Why did you start CrossFit?
I started CrossFit to physically feel better. I was having back, neck and sciatic pain that was preventing me from completing my daily tasks. It stemmed from years of sedentary employment. I feared exercise would cause more injury.

What is your best CrossFit moment so far?
LOL…. getting through the workouts and seeing the progression of strength and mobility.

What is your favorite movement, lift, workout?
Weightlifting is definitely my favorite, sledging tires, jogging the sandbag, stretching after the workout…. and my most favorite is when the workout is over =)

What is your least favorite movement, lift, workout?
Running, wallballs, and burpees!!!! Wallballs because the squat is just freaking tough to do repetitiously… and burpees because they are just freaking HARD!!

What is your current goal you are working towards?
Since I physically feel better, my new goal is weight loss and physique.

Why CrossFit Pinnacle?
Regular ol’ gym was boring and drab. CrossFit Pinnacle caters to beginners, the exercises are always demonstrated… so I know how to preform them effectively and properly… the coaches are patient, encouraging, supportive and motivating. The team members are ALWAYS encouraging and motivating despite their higher skill level. The coaches nor the team members have ever made me feel intimidated. The exercises are always different, never the same and boring. It feels good to be in a positive, encouraging environment… most of us may not get from work or home most days.

Any advice you want to give to others?
Don’t let your fears prevent you from living your best life. You were only given one, so make the best of it!