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“Ninja Warrior”

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CrossFit Pinnacle Ocala – CFP60

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Friday is a Gymnastics EMOM and a Breathe & Burn Workout. Warmup starts with a run and backpedal, then goes to Gymnastics Prep. Gymnastics EMOM is Handstand Practice & Candlestick to Pistols. Prep is Ring Muscleup Review & Practice. Workout is 4 Rounds of Strict Muscleups, TTB, Handstand Walk, and a Run. Extra Credit is Quad accessory.

Goal is <20:00.


Metcon (Time)

4 rounds

3 Strict Muscleups

12 TTB

20m Handstand Walk

400m Run
Workout Goal: <20:00 System Classification:
AKA: Breathe & Burn

Levels Consideration: Rings, UB Pull, Running