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“Pas De Deux”

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CrossFit Pinnacle Ocala – CFP60

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Saturday is a Partner Workout. Warmup is Partner Medball movements. Prep is CtB Pullup/Kipping Pullup Review & Practice. Workout is 5 Rounds of Running, Wallballs, CtB Pullups & Burpee Box Jumps, with a 1 min rest after each rounds. Extra Credit is Hip Prehab.


Warm-up (No Measure)

With your Partner…

10 Kneeling Lateral Medball Throw (ea/s/partner)

10 Partner Medball Thrusters (ea/partner)

10 Partner Medball Situps (ea/partner)

10 Partner Pushups

x 3

Prep & Rehearsal

CTB Pullup/ Kipping Pullup Review

10 Single-arm Lat Activations (ea/s)

15s Hollow Hold on Bar

15s Arch Hold on Bar

15s Arch-Hollow Swings

x 2

100m Run (together) • 8 Wallballs • 4 CTB Pullups • 2 Burpee Box Jumps x 2

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds For Time

In Partners..

400m Run

40 Wallballs 30/20

20 CTB Pullups

10 Burpee Box

Jumps 24/20

Rest 1:00
Strategy & Briefing

With a partner you are able to push it harder than normally in a workout like this. Besides the Run, which is done together, push the pace on all movements, and split them in half. Look to go unbroken on your half of the reps, but don’t rush. Keep movement crisp & consistent. With the 1 min rest — along with the rest you get when your partner is working — pushing the pace yields little consequences. The only movement that may need to be broken up is the CTB Pullups. If one partner is much better at this movement, have them take a few extra reps. This lets the other partner hold on in the later rounds.