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Here’s where your commitment pays off - in our classes! Led by our talented trainers, every class at CrossFit Pinnacle is designed to help you reach your goals no matter what they are. We will tailor every workout so that's it's challenging, but perfectly appropriate for where you are, to ensure you get the best workout possible. 

  • The Level Method

    CrossFit Pinnacle is an Official Level Method Gym!

    The Level Method (LM) is the first and only fitness assessment program of its kind and we are one of the first Level Method Gyms in the world!

    In our program, you’ll always know where you are, and what you need to work on, and you’ll have a very clear path to follow. No other program can do this.

    If you do CrossFit anywhere but a Level Method Gym, you’re selling yourself short.


    • Included in membership
  • CFP60

    Ready For Anything

    Our CFP60 classes is our take on High Intensity Training and it doesn’t get any better. Our CFP60 program offers the opportunity to gain exposure to the widest degree of complexity, loading, and variance. Workouts can last anywhere from 10-30+ minutes but usually last between 10-25 minutes. Our CFP60 classes are perfect for anyone interested in high intensity training and looking to build a well-rounded brand of fitness. Our CFP60 workouts can be very challenging, but all our CFP60 workouts can be scaled for any ability level whether new or more advanced athlete.

    Athlete’s Goal:

    I want to be ready for anything & well-rounded. I want to be strong, fast & conditioned.

  • CFP30

    Short, Fast & Sweaty

    CFP30 is the ultimate high-energy conditioning training. Workouts last anywhere from 10-15 minutes and always incorporate simple yet potent movements.  CFP30 combines bodyweight, rowing-biking-running and simple weightlifting movements for each workout.

    Athlete’s Goal:

    I am conditioning focused. I want daily cardio, aerobic capacity & fast paced conditioning.

    Weightlifting and Bodybuilding

    CFPBUILD is a unique strength and bodybuilding program developed exclusively by CrossFit Pinnacle and coached remotely through TrueCoach. CFPBUILD combines our favorite elements of traditional strength programs along with elements of bodybuilding. Sessions typically last anywhere from 45-60 minutes. The goal of CFBUILD is very simple… we want to make you strong and defined! CFPBUILD is programmed 3 days per week across the month with specific focuses. Each session of CFPBUILD comes with a warm-up, main assignment, secondary assignment, and accessory work. CFPBUILD is perfect if you want to move weight and get a great pump.

    Athlete’s Goal:

    I am strength, definition focused and want gains. I want weightlifting, bodybuilding & accessory work.

  • Nutrition Consulting

    The first step into any lifelong fitness journey is to look into your nutrition to fuel those high-intensity workouts! Our nutritional guidelines will give you insight into food choices, food volume, and provide basic nutrition coaching to get you on your way to properly fueling your body to meet your health and fitness goals.

    • Unlimited


      • 3-month commitment
      • One-time assessment fee $30
    • 3x/week


      • 3-month commitment
    • Month to month membership



      • With the unlimited monthly membership you get access to ALL open gym hours, ALL CrossFit Classes, All CFP30 classes and access to our EXCLUSIVE athletes page!
    • CFP30


      • With the monthly CFP30 membership, you will receive access to a coach lead high-energy conditioning class 4x a week Mon-Thru @7pm and access to our Saturday partner workouts @9:30am.


      • With CFPBUILD you receive 3 remote coaching sessions per week across the month. (Powered by TrueCoach)
      • *CFPBUILD is an add-on for CURRENT CFP members. It cannot be purchased as an individual membership.
    • Drop In


      • $20.00 drop in fee or $50.00 for the week.
    • 3 CrossFit sessions


      • For $29.99 you will receive 3 60 minute coach-led CrossFit sessions that expire in 6 days after purchase. This is a GREAT option for those that want to try out CrossFit for the first time. If you purchase a membership before the end of the 3rd session you will receive a 15% discount off 1st months membership.


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