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Rule #1 for Health….STOP DIETING!!!

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Welcome to CrossFit Pinnacle’s Nutrition Blog! We are so excited to bring you a wealth of information regarding nutrition, health, meal prep, and all kinds of just great stuff! Stuff that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Enjoy our first post, and stay tuned for more great help along your health and fitness journey!

I don’t know about all of you, but I am so tired of seeing, all over social media, articles such as,  “Top 10 Hollywood Weight Loss Successes”. Of course,  I can’t help myself but to click on the article and look at the miraculous transformaitons of my favorite hollywood celebrities. Don’t get me wrong, the transformations are amazing, and I am thrilled that those individuals have made a

committment to living a more health conscious lifestyle. What gets me, and what really makes me angry about it, is that,  when asked “how did you do it?”, the answer is always the same. You hear the words over and over, and over again. “Strict diet” , “low calories”, “gastric bypass”, “insert any fad diet here”. This has been weighing on my mind so much latley that I thought it made a great first blog topic.

What I am here to tell you, is that DIETING IS NOT THE ANSWER!!! You DO NOT need to cut your calories to 1200 calories a day and spend 4 hours on the treadmill a day in order to get healthy, lose weight, and achieve your health and fitness goals! As a matter of fact, eating less and doing more in an attempt to lose weight, is actually MAKING YOU SICK! Your body is starving! In response to those lower calories, your body stores all the excess nutritents it can, because honestly, you can’t be trusted! Your body doesn’t know if, when, or how much nourishment it will get next! So what does it do? IT STORES EVERYTHING AS FAT, for later use!

Now, don’t misunderstand me. Weight loss DOES have to do with calories in vs. calories out. However, (I’m going into some crazy science explanations and numbers here, so bear with me) everyone has their own specific Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Your BMR is the amount of calories that your body is going to burn doing absolutely nothing but existing. This is the amount of calories that you will burn if you don’t get out of bed in the morning and just lay there, doing nothing but breathing. That number, for the average American man, is about 1662 Calories. For women, the average BMR is 1493.  Think about that for a minute. That is the absolute minimum amount of calories your body needs just to survive! Any less than that, and your body, over time, can’t function properly. All of your body systems rely on at least that many calories to work! Without proper nutrition, your heart, brain, lungs, and all other body systems STARVE, and over time, you end up SICK!

Another thing that makes me crazy about “strict” diets. Do you really think for one single second that I would go my entire life without eating the foods I love? Ummm…..No Way! Anyone that knows anything about me, knows that I am a pizza addict. I also wouldn’t want to live in a world without burgers, french fries, or ice cream. I am sure I am not alone. That being said, you absolutely CAN enjoy the foods that you love, and you absolutely CAN eat a piece of that birthday cake! After all, what is life if we can’t enjoy and indulge in life’s pleasures sometimes? Any food plan that doesn’t allow you to enjoy your child’s birthday celebration, or doesn’t allow you to take pleasure in the work holiday party without guilt over what you had to eat or drink, is a non-sustainable way of eating. Additionally,  depriving yourself of the foods you love, leads to rebound eating that causes what we all know as the yo-yo dieting effect. None of the diets that you read or hear about out there are sustainable for the long term without significant sacrifice and sickness. Think about that…. Now, think about MY goal for YOU all…

How about helping you to understand how your body utilizes food, both when you’re resting AND when you’re training? How about helping you see that you CAN eat, eat enough to keep you full, and still help you lose weight? How about showing you that you CAN eat the foods you love, and still achcieve all of your health and fitness goals?  Well my friends, THAT is what this blog is all about! Stay tuned! Big things are coming your way, and we WILL get you to those goals that you never in your wildest dreams ever thought were possible!

Until next time!