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At CrossFit Pinnacle, we’re in the business of changing lives through fitness here in Ocala. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.
  • Melissa Bray

    When I started crossfit I was at my highest weight and I wasn’t doing any kind of exercise.  I wasn’t sure I would even like and or be able to survive crossfit but I needed to do something to change my lifestyle.  After my first week at Crossfit Pinnacle I fell in love with crossfit. All of the coaches were very helpful with making sure the workouts were scaled to my level and as the weeks have gone by they have worked to keep increasing that scale as I’ve gotten stronger.  The other members have been so supportive and are always cheering each other on. My big fear going into crossfit was that it would be too competitive for me but instead what I found is a wonderful gym family that is helping me change my life.

  • Lana Marcine

    What I really love are the warm ups, cool downs and demo of the movements for the wod every single class.  I also appreciate all the extra help from Bert for my State Senior Games competition!

  • Summer Sloan

    I just recently joined CrossFit. I was looking for something exciting and fun while getting back in shape. While looking for a place to become a member at, I came to CrossFit pinnacle. Right away Bert and Denise made me feel welcome! They were very precise in helping me get the fundamentals in CrossFit and motivating me. Every member there has been super nice and we all support and motivate each other. I love all the different times and classes offered. I am about a month into my membership now and I am loving it!

  • Jessica Chicas

    Crossfit Pinnacle has provided me with an all-inclusive, supportive environment to pursue my individual fitness goals. The coaches are educated, professional and compassionate. Pinnacle has been an integral part of my fitness journey. I am appreciative of the equal attention to all levels of athletes.

  • Nelson Chicas

    After participating in the sport of triathlon for 7 years and finally completing an Ironman I decided to give crossfit a try only to fall in love with the sport. As a member at Crossfit Pinnacle I found out how the environment, community and support among athletes was very important to the owners Bert and Denise. I love how no athlete is left behind and we support each other till the last one is done. Bert’s coaching not only focuses on Olympic movements but also functional movements that helps you become a well- balanced athlete and keeps you away from injuries by focusing on specific stretching and warm ups for the workouts. The Lifting and Wods are very challenging no matter your level. They are also open to suggestions on the workouts. I am a very pleased athlete at Crossfit Pinnacle and always look forward to my progress in the sport.

  • Greg Ergle

    I have been a member of Crossfit Pinnacle for almost 3 years and I have a blast at every class. I usually attend the 5:00 o’clock class. At age 57 I get a great workout and it only takes about an hour. The workouts will challenge you every time.  My goals are to keep my body healthy and fit, be active and have fun. The coaches are knowledgeable and motivate you to do your best. Pinnacle is a community of folks getting strong, staying fit and having fun. Come join us…

  • Ken Nadeau

    Crossfit has changed its focus.  For those of you who thought the goal of Crossfit was to build people of superhuman strength, look again.  Crossfit is now the method by which ordinary people can begin to improve mobility, get the heart pumping, and use those improvements in everyday life.  The Crossfit Twitter feed is dominated by postings of people in their 50’s through 80’s doing some sort of movement.

    Denise and Bert have also adopted this focus with Crossfit Pinnacle.  The weekly programming of workouts has improved greatly, and the best thing about it is that whatever fitness level you are in, the workout can be scaled down to where you can do it.  Bert will work one on one with each member so that that member will be hitting their own intensity level instead of leaving you to struggle with a movement you can’t manage.

    I have been a member of Pinnacle for several years.  I’m no “beast mode” person, just an average 60-year old who needs the class structure to know that in an hour, I will get the heart rate up and work on getting a little bit better each time.

    Crossfit is now about functional fitness, and the best place for people who want to start the journey to fitness is at Crossfit Pinnacle.  I highly recommend you give it a try!

  • Donita Hearns

    As an adult “exercise enthusiast” …  with a background in many areas of fitness (gymnastics, soccer, softball as a young person, triathlon as an adult) I found a home at CrossFit Pinnacle.  The varied workouts were an immediate addiction, because they removed the boredom of routine and were challenging!

    I feel like my fitness is really moving to a new realm with Bert and Denise as the owners of Pinnacle!!  Their focus on ALL aspects of movement has really been a game changer for me! Both are highly knowledgeable and credentialed in what they do, and they don’t just preach it, they live it right along with their athletes!! All areas of complete athleticism are addressed in their programming while keeping safety as their number one goal.  Strength, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, explosiveness, flexibility, and power to name a few. I’m grateful for their knowledge and have trust in their programming to bring out their athletes best …day to day!!! I’m excited to see where my fitness goes with their training!!

  • Carrie Palmeter

    Crossfit Pinnacle’s vibe is on point!  The Box offers an array of class times to get your workout on. They have stellar coaching to assist with any of your questions or needs. As an avid cross fitter for five years, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Denise and Bert are resourceful, accommodating and encouraging for every athlete whether or not you’re a beginner or a competitive athlete. The workout of the day is always tailored to your athletic abilities. The coaches go above and beyond to take the time to stretch us during warm ups and concluding the workouts. You leave the Box feeling accomplished and ready for more. I came to Pinnacle five years ago with very little athletism. In a matter of months I went from jumping pull-ups to kipping pull-ups. Not being able to stand on my head – to hand stand pushups. As I proceed to progress in the sport, I look forward to Denise and Bert’s continuous support throughout my Crossfit journey.

  • Bobbi Crowder

    It was just a convenient gym…it’s a CrossFit gym that I’ve been going to for awhile….they all pretty much have the same equipment with people wanting to, well CrossFit for different reasons….I’m probably the oldest member always scaling the workouts…things were good….fast forward to new owners….now what?  Denise and Bert came in with their vision, giving their all, always striving to make me the best “athlete” I can be…. come join the family and you too can become a part of more than just a CrossFit gym…!

    Thanks for all you do.


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